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Wyoming Prayer Network


is a centralized effort to network people from many ministries and to disperse information and prayer focuses across Wyoming.  


We hope to facilitate unity in the body of Christ through prayer groups using prayer and intercession, and by holding Concerts of Prayer which will set the atmosphere for transformation through prayer, repentance, and reclaiming, in individuals, cities, states, this nation and the nations of the world.We desire to function as a well-trained army having many parts but at special appointed times, speaking as one voice with multiplied strength to break certain strongholds altogether.



The church is not a building, but made up of all believers of Jesus Christ.  Every believer makes up a part of ‘the body’ with Christ being the head.


We believe God-inspired change is called ‘Transformation’.  Are you ready for ‘transformation’ to come to your church, your community, the state of Wyoming?  First we need to allow our own lives to be transformed by a renewing of our minds and hearts.  That means to make my life be a reflection of what  Jesus’ life looked like.  Then we ‘walk that out’ into our communities influencing our culture with the Love of the Lord and Godly principles.


Please consider what a ‘transformed’ community might look like.  Cooperation is one of the main portions.  Absolute truth of the Word of God would be understood to be the principles that will prosper our nation.  Moral standards in our communities would be held high in the lives of our youth.  These are all brought about by choice.  Father God wants us to choose the best!  His best!  We want to press into His knowledge and wisdom to get this nation to understand that secular humanism is a religion of bondage that our government has been imposing on us.  We, as disciples of Jesus, need to stand up for Godly principles in order to guide a return of this nation to “One Nation Under God!”




Wyoming has never experienced a ‘revival’.  Revival would be a major move of God, resulting in the lost coming to know Jesus as Lord.    Revival begins with us personally.  Please let it start with you, right now, and then catch the vision of it for your community  and for your region!



Please stop by  again.  Thank you for your interest!

An Awesome Message Of  HOPE!

Click the above picture to go to The Sentinel Group’s website to view their latest‘Transformation’ documentary.

This is an awesome, timely message of how God CAN ‘change’ our communities!


Header Banner for the 7 Mountain Strategy

You will notice the header of this page is showing the 7 Mountain Strategy of impacting our culture.  We are supporting the understanding of this to come into the body of Christ.  We must become people of influence to return our nation to it’s foundational beliefs.  This art is by James Nesbit and we encourage you to check out his prophetic art at Prepare the Way Ministries International; http://www.ptwministries.com/

Statement of Faith

Facilitated by;

Larry and Barbara Dodge,

Clarksfork Warriors for Christ

from Clark Wyoming.  The Lord gave us a vision for the state of Wyoming back in 1998 to raise up prayer and praise across the Big Horn Basin area of Wyoming and it would spill out unto the surrounding area.  We have worked since that time to accomplish this among the cities of the Big Horn Basin.  We have held numerous Concerts of Prayer including a state-wide one that was held in Casper in 2008.


We are Founders and the

the Directors of

Wyoming Prayer Network